Our History

The first operations began in 1980 as a small pressing service for local manufacturers. After a decade Con Christodoulou joined the family business and Aphrodite Fashion Solutions was founded.

In 1990 Aphrodite began to offer manufacturing services to various well known companies in Sydney. Aphrodite earned a reputation as a consistently trustworthy and reliable company to work with, both in terms of quality and meeting delivery deadlines.

After 10 years of local manufacturing, gaining a wealth of knowledge about garment construction, all facets of machining, fabrics and overall experience, the industry moved towards importing garments due to cost pressures. Aphrodite then decided to focus more on the finishing of imported garments rather than local manufacture.

Aphrodite fashion solutions recognized the potential of the new market arising with manufacturing moving overseas. Therefore Aphrodite established the newest innovative technologies and started operating as a third party service provider offering many warehouse capabilities including EDI distribution services, packing, ticketing, pressing and steam tunnelling with the most high-tech advanced steam tunnel in Australia.

Aphrodite has purchased 4 factory units in a strategic location at Prestons to cater for it’s clients in the fastest growing logistics and warehousing area of Sydney where the major transport routes are located.

Being experts in fashion services gives us a unique niche in the market where we are the leaders when it comes to Steam Tunnel and EDI scanpack and online return capabilities among other services for all major retailers.