Building Business with 3PL

The careful use of assets is a time-honored path to business success, and outsourcing can be an important part of asset management. Contracting with a third party to carry out the logistics of business allows the company to focus on the important tasks of marketing, sales and customer service. Using a high-quality third party logistics (3PL) firm just makes good business sense. Not only can a 3PL company boost your current business, it can also contribute to the expansion and success of a start-up business. Here are the top 5 reasons a fledgling company should consider contracting with a 3PL.

1) 3PLs Promote Growth

Consider the position of many start-up companies. You have a solid product, and the ability to create market demand, but your ability to manufacture new product and the demand has outstripped the capabilities of your delivery and customer service systems. Transit, warehousing, service at retail locations, and direct customer service, not to mention inventory tracking and stock retention and control are all labor-intensive and expensive aspects of doing business in the retail sector. Enter a 3PL company. A reputable 3PL provides all the services you need to get your product to market. A 3PL company eliminates the learning curve and reduces the chances for errors and miscommunication with retailers and in direct sales. By handling the logistics of the sales and service, the 3PL applies high-quality expertise, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

2) A 3PL helps Protect and Promote your Brand

Branding is, of course, critical to success. A reputable 3PL company offers packaging services which means your logo and brand are protected and presented to the customer at every level of service, from warehouse to delivery. The 3PL not only promotes your brand all along the sales process, it allows the company owner to focus on marketing and sales plans, increasing business by promoting the product with an aggressive marketing campaign.

3) Innovation Opportunities

3PL companies are, by nature, specialists. The latest in inventory control, transit systems and ware house management systems are already in place. Why re-invent the wheel, when the logistics infrastructure your business needs is readily and affordably available through a 3PL? Not only does a 3PL offer the infrastructure your business builds upon, the specialist nature of the company’s offerings allow for flexibility and innovation. As your business grows and changes, so do the services available through a 3PL.

4) 3PLs and the World Wide Web

In today’s wired world, it’s critical to have an online presence, and the ability to generate web sales. The warehousing capabilities of a 3PL allow for stock to be stored and kept available to the fickle web community, increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition in markets all over the world. While a small business might be very successful in a small, local community, a 3PL opens the horizons to growth, allowing for a world-wide presence and sales.

5) 3PLs and Growth

Growth is associated with life. When growth stops, life begins to slow down, to deteriorate, and eventually to die. A business that isn’t growing isn’t healthy. Reaching new markets, innovation, marketing and brand recognition are just a few of the assets a 3PL has to offer. Reputable 3PL companies offer businesses a chance to tap into a vast network of contacts, reducing supply costs and gaining lower overhead and volume discounts. Using a 3PL allows the company to tap into resources which aren’t available in-house with lower costs and a higher ROI.

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