Lower costs using 3PL

When your product reaches your customers, you want to be sure it’s in the best possible condition, and presented with your brand prominently displayed. Logistics are one of the most costly aspects of business. Packing, shipping, warehousing, labeling, storage and customer service are labor and time-intensive, making them expensive aspects of doing business. Outsourcing some or all of the logistics involved in delivering your product to the end customer is an excellent way to streamline your business while bringing your customers the highest level of service, increasing your brand’s reputation and standing in the industry.

The benefits and advantages of engaging a third-party logistics company are numerous and clear. Offering high-quality customer service can be a burdensome endeavor. From packing to pick up, packaging to tracking, 3PL services create a reputation for quality for your brand and helps make your day-to-day operations more efficient.

Branding a product can be costly and time-consuming. With a 3PL’s packaging services, quality packaging materials can be created containing a brand logo, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty. Your brand will be in front of the customer from pick up to service to return. With packaging and branding services, your familiar logo is the only brand your customers see.

The advantages of outsourcing don’t end with convenience and cost saving. A 3PL company goes beyond saving time and money. The advantages of a 3PL’s services include access to costly technologies at a significant savings. Labeling, bar codes, tracking, inventory and e-commerce require equipment and expertise that can be provided through a contract with a 3PL company. With e-commerce growing every year, an online presence is critical to reaching customers and expanding as a company. Since a 3PL company can offer warehouse services as well as cost-effective packing, packaging and mailing, your attention can remain focused on your marketing and sales strategies.

As well as an online presence, a 3PL can increase your company’s reputation and presence in physical stores as well. Presentation is everything, and the on-floor inventory that your customers see when they walk into a market outlet is critical to the success of your business. With warehouse services, customers are able to prioritize their stock and present the most current and seasonally relevant inventory, increasing sales and bolstering the company’s reputation for excellent service and quality.
Advanced 3PL services include inventory and stock control, including alterations and repair, customer services and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services, taking the uncertainties out of doing business and creating a company reputation for excellence, both in the presentation of product and in customer service.

Contracting with a 3PL service is an excellent way to increase your brand’s footprint in the industry, creating a positive reputation for your company, and expanding your business, taking it to the next level. From packaging to storage to transit, from EDI to labeling to branding, your 3PL company can help launch your company into the next level of success, increasing profit margins and improving brand success and recognition in the market place. A contract with a 3PL company is an investment that will impact your company’s success positively, giving both immediate and long-term benefit.

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