Fashion Services and Logistics

Fashion services and logistics require specific solutions to get the product from the manufacturer to the end consumer in an efficient, effective manner. Customer satisfaction is dependent upon the product reaching its destination in good condition. Aphrodite’s fashion services and logistics solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of the manufacturer and customer. Flexibility is key in fashion services logistics. Seasonal changes mean it’s critical for retail outlets to be able to change out the product offering quickly and efficiently.

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies offer basic services like warehousing, distribution and tracking as well as re-packaging. Storage and distribution, and the tracking of stock all help reduce loss and increase efficiency in the supply chain. Distribution center services allow retailers to order product as needed, allowing them to keep fresh product in stock at all times. Tracking of specific items allows for market research and planning. With tracking solutions, the manufacturer can track sales and accurately predict marketing trends. A specialized 3PL company that offers fashion services and logistics can go beyond those basics, offering premium services that take a company to the next level in fashion services.

Pressing and steaming

A gentle steaming process, utilizing some of the latest steam-tunnel technology available to the fashion industry today, ensures that the product will reach the retail outlet in top condition, ensuring a quality presentation to the end customer and the highest return on investment. Steaming and pressing services mean that products never arrive at the end retailer wrinkled or creased from transit. End customers see the product hanging in the store in the condition they will want to see in their closets. The gentle steaming and pressing processes utilized by our team of professionals ensure the delivery of the best quality.

Alterations and repair

The flexibility of on-site professionals providing sewing and repair services increases customer satisfaction while reducing losses due to damage or the need for alterations. The need for alterations and repair is one of the highest potential costs in the fashion services industry, both in terms of product loss and customer satisfaction. Aphrodite Plus services take the worry out of deliveries with the Aphrodite Plus sewing, alteration and repair services. If a garment arrives damaged, or in need of alteration, our team of experts will provide sewing and repair services, ensuring the end customer receives the product in best condition, and decreasing losses from damaged product.

EDI solutions

EDI technology is a substantial investment for an individual company, but the use of a 3PL solution can provide cost-effective tracking and inventory-control services. Stock and inventory control and tracking systems help reduce loss and create a more efficient operation. Aphrodite’s EDI solution creates barcodes for SKUs as well as SSCC labels and ASNs for all major retailers. These solutions allow customers to track their product from the distribution center to the end user. Tracking solutions allow a marketing department to research which products are in highest demand in which markets, and to create accurate forecasts of future demand. Tracking sales also helps weed out those products which don’t perform as well in a specific market, reducing losses and increasing the profit margin.

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